Car Charger

Car Charger

With 29-year experience, Cincon not only provides standard power conversion products but also offers modified standard and custom power conversion products. Cincon is the expert in the design and manufacture of power supplies engineered to customer requirements. Emphasis is placed on reliability, rapid prototyping and adherence to cost targets.

Car Chargers are one of the categories of custom power conversion products. Cincon has developed some car chargers which are commonly required by customers. Design meets UL2089 safety standard.


In addition, the power range is from 4.8W to 90W, and the input of car chargers is cigarette lighter plug. Car chargers are suitable for 12Vdc or 24Vdc car power supplies.


The table below shows the car chargers which are more popular in this product category:
Output Power Input Voltage Output Voltage
4.8W 10-32Vdc 6Vdc
5W 10-32Vdc 5Vdc
18W 8-20Vdc 9Vdc
48W 10.8-30Vdc 12Vdc
59.4W 11-16Vdc 18Vdc
90W 11-16Vdc 18Vdc
90W 11-16Vdc 36Vdc

If you have any inquiry related to DC-DC car chargers, contact for quick support!


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