Medical Power Solution

Medical Power Solution

Accumulating more than 15 years of experience in medical product design, Cincon provides customers with a variety of products and technical services. Medical products provide low leakage current and harsh environment endurance that meets the highest requirements of hospital and health care applications. We offers a diverse product line of medical power supplies, Class I or Class II adapters with universal input 90~264Vac or even 80~264Vac. All our medical products meets the industry highest requirements for 2MOPP, ANSI/AAMI ES60601-1/EN60601-1 Ed 3.1, and EN60601-1-2 Ed4.0 Class B. Also, all are CEC & ErP Level VI Compliant.


For external medical power supplies, there are medical Class II interchangeable plug adapters, and the power range starts from 15W to 30W. There are also desktop medical Class II adapters, and the power range starts from 36W to 100W. In addition, Cincon provides desktop medical power adapters with Class I & Class II option which are 70W and 160W.


For internal medical power supplies, there are Class II open-frame on-board type with the 20W output power and Class I open-frame connector type with the output power range starting from 40W to 500W. The case covered option is also available. In addition, Cincon has medical power supplies built in with baseplate-cooling technology and the power range starts from 130W to 500W.

Medical Class I & Class II Adapter

Medical Class II Adapter

Medical Class II Interchangeable Plug Adapter

Medical Class II On-Board Open Frame

Medical Class I Connector Open Frame

Medical Baseplate-cooled Open Frame


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