Corporate Governance

Board of Directors

The board of directors of CINCON ELECTRONICS CO., LTD. is composed of members with rich professional experience in their respective fields, including accounting, finance, commerce, law, marketing and industrial technology, etc.

The Company’s board of directors provides direction on corporate strategy, supervise the management and answers to the company’s shareholders. Under the procedures and arrangements of the corporate governance system, the board of directors performs its duties and exercises its powers in accordance with the law, the articles of association of the Company and shareholders’ resolutions.

The board of directors of the Company emphasizes its function of independent operation and transparency. Directors and independent directors are independent individuals who perform their duties and powers independently. The three independent directors also comply with the requirements of applicable laws, review and control existing or potential risks of the Company and exercise due supervision accordingly.

Audit Committee

Composed of independent directors for the purpose of supervising the quality and integrity of the Company’s financial accounting, audit, financial reporting and financial control and evaluation of the effectiveness of the design and execution of the internal control system, with relevant suggestions submitted to the board of directors as reference for their decision-making.

Remuneration Committee

From a professional and objective standpoint, assess the salary remuneration policy and system of the Company’s directors, supervisors and officers and provide the board of directors with its recommendations as reference for their decision-making.

Audit Department

The audit department answers to the board of directors and is an independent full-time organization with the duty to investigate and evaluate the soundness of the internal control system and its working efficiency, with timely provision of improvement recommendations to ensure continued and effective implementation of the internal control system, as well as to assist the board of directors and the management in the due performance of their responsibilities.

Stakeholders Contact Channels

The Company has set up below dedicated mailboxes available for relevant stakeholders to contact the Company:

Environmental Management

Based on the spirit of sustainable enterprise development, CINCON performs green product management, undertakes specific management action to improve the environment and upgrade EHS(environmental health and safety) performance, engages in research and development of RoHS-compliant high-performance products and complies with international environmental legislations in environmental protection, performance of environmental testing, engagement of qualified waste disposal and cleanup institutions to maintain environmental health.

In 2014 and 2021, the Company acquired ISO14001 environmental management system certification and ISO45001 occupational safety and health management system certification for continued follow-up on the improvement and maintenance of an effective system operation.

Energy Saving and Carbon Reduction
Energy Saving and Carbon Reduction
  • Promote energy-saving, water-conservation logo procurement proposals, review and replace old equipment with high energy consumption.
  • Select green procurement with low replacement rate and recyclable parts.
  • Adjust status of use of the power system, air conditioning equipment, etc. based on cycles and seasons to improve efficiently.
  • Set up sensor lighting in public areas, install timer switches on public equipment and re-inforce the habit of switching off the lights.
  • Digitalize documents and forms, recycle paper.
Occupational Accident Prevention and Emergency Response Measure

The Company has established safety and health work guidelines, occupational accident prevention program and emergency preparation and response, and implements 4 major health protection plans to protect employees’ safety and health.

Safety and Health
  • Actively promote occupational safety and health management. Identify, improve and control potential risk.
  • Maintain, service and timely update and examine all types of machinery and equipment in accordance with occupational safety legislations and maintain their performance.
  • Regularly verify fire safety and emergency escape equipment (fire extinguishers, fire hydrants, fire alarms, emergency elevators, etc.) and the effectiveness of workplace, passageways and work environment to protect employees’ safety and health.

Green Product

In product development, CINCON uses sustainable operation concepts and promotes green design to create green products that are compliant with environmental protection legislations of each country. The design guidelines are as follows:

  • Increase in efficiency and reduction in loss
  • Simple and green packaging and reduction in the use of plastics
  • Use of green parts
  • High reliability and long life cycle
  • Modulization and standardization to reduce customization
  • Simplification of production process flow DFM/DFA (reduction of tools/reduction of consumables)
  • Reduction in energy consumption in the production process

Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management
Supplier Selection

Based on the raw materials selected by the R&D department in product development and consumables selected by the production department, the procurement department seeks and identifies corresponding suppliers based on the relevant features. Raw materials are supplied by official domestic distributors in principle, with a prior evaluation on price competitiveness and a preference for distributors with short lead-time. Regular onsite presentation is required for suppliers or original manufacturers and an understanding of the market status should be acquired to verify whether the industry has an upward or downward trend and whether there will be an impact on product supply and whether there is any change in the price trend and raw materials lead-time.

Supplier Evaluation

Strategic inventory arrangements are made for common part used by CINCON based on average monthly consumption and lead-time in order to reduce delivery time to the clients. Depending on the quality, lead-time and coordination provided by the suppliers, evaluation will take place every quarter. If a supplier fails to meet any of CINCON’s requirements, assistance is provided based on ISO9001 guidelines and the supplier is required to make improvement in order to achieve product shipping of highest-quality features to the clients.

Conflict Minerals Policy

Parts, components, materials and finished products supplied by CINCON and its affiliates are compliant with the standards required in the Conflict Minerals Policy documents. As a good corporate citizen, CINCON fulfills its social responsibilities, respects human rights, continuously focuses on conflict mineral issues and dedicates itself to due diligence regarding the supply chain to ensure that no metals such as tin (Sn), tantalum (Ta), tungsten (W) or gold (Au) come from the any mining area within Democratic Republic of Congo or the portions of its neighboring countries controlled by illegitimate armed groups.

Employee Relationship

Employees are CINCON’s most important assets. Since its incorporation, the Company has upheld an honest and responsible attitude and dedicated itself to employee welfare and the building of a good-quality and safe work environment. We focus on employees’ physical and mental health and encourage employees to acquire a healthy work-life balance.

Labor-Management Communication
Labor-Management Communication

CINCON submits all important issues about labor interest to the labor-management committee for discussion. The Company focuses on gender equality in the workplace and has established Regulations against Sexual Harassment. Thanks to smooth labor-management communication channels and a harmonious labor-management relationship, the Company has not encountered any major labor-management disputes.

Workplace Safety

In consideration of a work environment with employee safety and health protection measures and the importance thereof, CINCON exercises occupational safety and health risk control through ISO 45001:2018 occupational safety and health management system and ISO 14001:2015 environmental management system. Further, in addition to labor insurance, health insurance and employee group insurance, the Company also provides regular health examinations, onsite medical services, emotional stress release programs and life-work consultations to allow employees to work at ease and have a healthy life.

Employee Educational Training

CINCON has Regulations Governing Educational Training to provide onsite occupational training from time to time based on the nature of the employees’ work and their expertise. The Company also provides funding for external professional workshops based on individual employees’ requirements to improve the professional skills of all workers.

Enterprise Social Responsibility

Number Statement Download
01 Modern Slavery and Trafficking Statement Download
02 Anti-Terrorism Security Policy Statement Download
03 Representatio on Guidelines for Enterprise Social Responsibility and Workers' Human Right Download
04 Anti-Bribery and Anti-corruption Representation Download
05 Written Representation against Unlawful Infringement in the Workplace Download

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